Ecomotus EcoPro Hydrogen Electrolyser

We are all aware that the transportation industry needs to change away from fossil fuels and towards sustainable power to progressively reduce greenhouse gases, harmful emissions and particulates produced by fossil fuel. 

The EcoPro Electrolyser is a Type Approved, patented, standalone, catalytic hydrogen system designed to reduce emissions and work in harmony with existing internal combustion engines.

Ecomotus develop a technology that enrich air as it passes through the air intake with hydrogen in automotive engines to gently remove carbon deposits.

  • Reduces CO2 and lowers NOx emissions by approx. 60 per cent and diesel consumption by around 15 per cent
  • Less Adblue required, less wear on engines and less maintenance required
  • Increases available power to the tractor or driven equipment

About Ecomotus

In a bid to reduce emissions, fuel costs, and wear and maintenance on engines, Devon smallholders Jason and Kirstyn Munro, have designed the Ecomotus EcoPro – a catalytic hydrogen system suitable for use on all combustion engines.

Ecomotus, Finalists for the Machinery Innovator of the Year, British Farming Awards 2021

Over the past five years, skilled vehicle technologist and engineer Jason, along with his team at Ecomotus, have fought hard to bring this product to effective use and believe it’s a transitional piece of technology, bridging the gap between fossil fuels and the future of hydrogen/electric supply.

The Eco-Pro doses pure hydrogen into diesel engines allowing for a more efficient burn cycle, while increasing available power to tractor engines and driven equipment.

This system uses deionised water, is powered by the vehicle, and can be fitted and safely operated on any ICE engine from small vans, static generators, tractors, any motorised field equipment, to marine and road equipment, says Jason.

The unit effectively reduces wear on catalytic convertors and will also help older diesel engines to pass the highway MOT by reducing their emission levels.

The entire development of the product has been self-funded although the couple were awarded two government grants including the six-month Innovate Grant for R&D Development in November, 2020 and the European Funding Grant in December, 2020.

Jason confirms they have independent data and MOT emissions results demonstrating dramatic reductions in NOX and fuel consumption.

He believes this is a positive way to use hydrogen to immediately reduce pollutions and improve MPG, while cleaning up existing engines, increasing efficiency, and eliminating the majority of the air pollution.

Ecomotus is trialling with NIAB and a few select councils who intend to role it our across their fleets and ground machinery as well as commercial fishing and windfarm sectors. They intend to market using digital media, as well as word of mouth.

Please contact us for further information, thank you.