We can help all charities and organisations with their office technology needs and requirements, often utilising preferential charity pricing available from manufacturers.

At Crispin Associates we have many years of experience with charities and non-profit organisations supplying and servicing their technologies, we can give you ideas and sound advice to help modernise and optimise your sector-specific needs.

Multi-function Printers

Kyocera MFP

Kyocera MFP

Any charity will need to have a reliable and good quality printer/scanner/copier in the office, we can supply the right machine for you and provide you with technical support and maintain your supply of consumables.

Our Kyocera Multi-Function Printers are easy to use, and give you a fast efficient and professional machine while taking up only a small amount of floor space. All of your devices can use the print or scan capabilities either with a wired network connection or wirelessly; making these powerful machines accessible from tablets and mobile phones as well as all of your office computers. And of-course you can use the traditional photocopier functionality with familiar one-button operation.

You can print anything from black&white letters in bulk, or posters and charts in high quality full-colour up to A3 size with an office MFP. If you require larger sizes we also supply large-format machines.

Find out more on the Printing & Copying or Large Format Printers pages.

Zero Client Solutions for Offices and Call Centres

HP Zero Client Systems

HP Zero Client Systems

If your organisation runs multiple computers doing the same job then a Zero Client system is the most efficient solution for you. Rather than having a complete computer for each individual user; a zero client system uses one master computer to serve many low-power client terminals, giving each user a familiar standardized machine to use.

This can be the perfect solution for a call-centre environment where each member of staff uses a standard system installed for each terminal, controlled by the master server. The simplicity of the client machines means they are highly reliable and much less prone to downtime, requiring far less maintenance.

The benefits of Zero Client are many; a lower initial cost and quicker easier setup, lower power consumption, less cables and leads, standardised interface for each user, and also much less noise, all together making your office or call centre a much more pleasant place to work, whilst also lowering your environmental footprint.

Read more about it on the Zero Client page.

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