CapturePoint PF 360: Document Process

CapturePoint Cloud (PF 360 Capture) provides intelligent document processing, which can significantly improve manual document processes, helping organisations to save both time and money, by eliminating inefficiencies and errors from your business. Automation of key business workflows has become an important part of today’s business, it gives you regular insights into what is occurring within your processes and supports your people with those important business tasks.

CapturePoint enables, “Custom Data Automation”, Extract any data and/or classify your documents using our machine learning aided extraction engine, process it to output to a backend system or even route incoming mail to their recipients. Further more CapturePoint can handle more specific tasks, Invoice Processing for Account Payable, extract data like PO#, Invoice Date, Total, etc. from invoices, including 2-way and 3 – way look-up.

This solution offers multi-channel ingestion, machine learning, Document Auto, classification, smart OCR engine mapping capabilities including built-in workflows that can handle every type of document, from simple forms to complex free-form documents. 

It can also feed content-driven business applications such as RPA, ECMs, EFSS, ERPs and EHR helping organizations focus on customer service, cost reduction and compliance.

With our cloud or on-premise platform, organisations have the flexibility to decide the best deployment scenario for their environment. The platform can be deployed and used from anywhere, providing intelligent functionality for automatic classification, data extraction, learning, and verification

Intelligent capture enables its capture functions to include unstructured documents and image clean-up and corrections. It also enables APIs to get immediate processing of documents with a direct response from the capture service eliminating process latency and improving the user experience.

Machine Learning – The AI system continuously learns based on feedback from users. The technology helps users to train the system to process flexible or irregular document layouts, while the administrator retains full control to edit & optimise results, thereby significantly reduce ongoing system support & maintenance costs.

Automated Classification – Image, text, or rule-based classification methods that can be combined into a hierarchical system to deliver straight-through processing. Classify documents into different types and automatically sort incoming documents and route them to predefined destinations including digital mailboxes.

REST API – PF360Capture enables tight API integrations with your core business systems, which allows external systems to upload documents, train the machine learning system by providing feedback about the quality of results, develop customised verification components, and get extraction results.

Multi-Channel Inputs – This agnostic to scanning feature allows users to scan both documents, cloud faxes and other digital documents coming in from multiple sources within a single workflow, including multi-function printers, network scanners, e-mails, faxes, FTP, cloud repositories, web folders, mobile devices etc.

Reporting & Analytics – The reporting, archiving and audit trail feature provides real time visual representations of the overall throughput, workflows, performance and error rates of data, in order for the system and users to continuously improve effectiveness and responsiveness of the application.

Secure Environment – The platform is SOC2 Type 1 certified and is designed to meet the criteria for the security and confidentiality principles set forth in TSP Section 100; 2017 Trust Services Criteria for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, & Privacy, (AICPA); & Trust Services Criteria.

Key Benefits

  • 100% Cloud Managed 
  • Able to handle High and Low Volume 
  • Supports both Physical & Digital Input 
  • Reduced Data Errors 
  • No Need to Create Invoice Templates 
  • Lower Processing Costs and TCO 
  • Fast Deployment without Hardware 
  • Greater Process and Status Visibility

Key Features

  • Secure Contactless Capture 
  • Multi-Channel Ingestion 
  • Machine Learning and Advanced Recognition 
  • Automated Classification and Extraction 
  • Smart OCR Engine Mapping 
  • Built-in Workflows 
  • Advanced Tracking and Analytics 
  • Multi-App Integrations

Accounts Payable Automation

Countless mistakes are made, and time is wasted between the transition of physical to digital documents. With a substantial number of invoices needing to be processed every day for decision making, a flexible AP solution enables legal, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail enterprises to process invoices with ease, cutting turnaround time to just minutes.

Digital Mailroom

Data Capture is the first step in gathering vital business information and the trigger of many business processes. However, many organisations still rely on paper-based manual mailroom processes, which lack a secure, efficient, and cost-effective solution to adapt in the new future of work. Deploying a digital mailroom automation solution is a great place to start your digital transformation journey and provide a holistic view of all your mailroom processes from end-to-end.

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