Zero Client


With a Zero Client system you no longer need a fully fledged computer for every user, instead you can have one server computer with enough power to service many low powered client points. This cuts the cost of initial outlay, reduces energy expenditure, standardizes the system for each user, greatly reduces the maintenance or downtime of running many individual computers, and also reduces the noise of a multi-system environment.

Educational Facility

Zero client solutions in an educational facility

Our zero client solutions use an HP Smart Zero server to power multiple client systems using Microsoft Multipoint Server which provide a familiar Windows front end for users.

You are in full control of the software environment for users and can manage individual user accounts and login details. Each client station simply requires a client multi-point connector with a mouse/keyboard and monitor in order to join the network.

Having one central master system simplifies coordination and interaction with essentially an unlimited number of user access points, revolutionising the way you work.

On average our customers save over £100 in running costs per year per seat by using zero client systems.

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