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InfinityCloud Print Management Platform

InfinityCloud is a software as a service (Saas) business printing solution that offers a secure cloud printing management platform which adds value through simplified business printing and print driver management. It removes the need for costly print servers, allows for centralized management of direct IP printing and improves overall printing experience.

InfinityCloud offers full print control supported with statistics. InfinityCloud is a business printing system that allow both remote printer and centralized print management to operate in the same time.

In a traditional print architecture, organisations will either have a centralised or remote print server set up. When a user presses “print” from their device, their print job is sent to the print server which is then sent over to the network printer.

UniPrint Infinity Cloud

UniPrint Infinity


Despite all the advances in digitization and imaging technology, printing continues to be a critical function for the healthcare industry. Hospital staff can benefit from optimized clinical workflows, touch-less mobile printing, and improved quality of patient care, while eliminating data security breaches when printing.

Public Sector

Government and non-profit IT admin can benefit from simplified printer management and enhanced security related to printing, while reducing high IT costs. Staff can also take advantage of seamlessly printing on demand from their mobile phone regardless of print vendor and if they are in the office or working from home.

Finance & Insurance

From simple compliance documents to complex global transactions, financial and insurance companies depend on fast, accurate and secure ways to send critical data. Remote Staff can easily benefit from experience the same secure mobile printing to any printer vendor, whether they are working at home or in the office.

Cloud & MSPs

Managed service providers can easily add value to clients through offering simplified cloud print driver management, while also enabling remote staff to securely print on demand through their mobile device, regardless of print vendor. Its licensing flexibility, ease of use, security and quick deployment make it the cloud printing solution of choice.

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