Smart Interactive Displays

Think Smart for business, and educational environments, at Crispin Associates.
Crispin Associates is proud to now be an official and fully authorised reseller of the Smart Screen range of interactive screens for the South West of the United Kingdom and beyond. 

For your school, enhance your students’ creativity, learning skills and collaboration with Smart’s amazing touchscreen technology.  

And, for your business, elevate your digital collaboration, video conferencing, improve productivity and training outcomes with Smart interactive displays.

With amazing screen resolution, built in iQ Android apps and up to 40 touch-point screens for full interactivity and ease of use, Smart always come up as a top choice. Their screens are available from 55 inches to 86 inches.

Inspire active collaboration and gather meeting notes, documentation, decisions and inspiration in one organised, digital place.

Smartly transform your business and education environment with Smart technology from Crispin Associates .

To speak to one of our Smart experts please phone

01392 340053, or email