3D Printing

3d printing on your desktop

3d printing on your desktop

In recent years the affordability and simplicity of use has led to 3D printing becoming mainstream and increasingly popular for a wide range of different applications, with our help you too can join this revolution in design.

Physical models can be much more useful in development of prototypes or testing new ideas; and have many advantages over traditional methods of modelling.

We offer a wide range of 3D printers to suit every budget and tailored to your individual requirements.

FDM Technology (Fused Deformation Modelling)

3D printing is based upon FDM technology, this is a bottom-up plastic layering process which can create complex shapes using a stable and production-grade material directly from your CAD model. Unlike injection moulding, this can be done without creating a mould beforehand, which makes it ideal for one-off prototypes and makes the process much quicker, more efficient and more convenient.

3D Printing By Mojo

The ABSplus plastic used in 3D printing is available in a range of colours (also including options for custom colours), it is mechanically strong and durable, and the support structures used in manufacturing are made using an easy to remove soluble material.

Only a few years ago the idea of pressing ‘print’ on a 3D CAD model and watching a physical model being generated on your desktop was a very far fetched idea, but now you can easily have this powerful capability right beside you.

Imagine it – Design it – 3D print it – your imagination is the only limitation!

Find out more about 3D printing applications by watching this video: